A personal opinion on the existence of a deity

While the existential Paradise Trinity is infinite, and while the experiential Trinity Ultimate is subinfinite, the Trinity Absolute is not so easy to classify. This grouping contains causes, intermediates, and finals; inceptors, realizers, and consummators; beginnings, existences, and destinies.

As I pointed out earlier, you attribute anything that cannot yet be explained to God and then seem to think that this automatically proves his existence! According to the Hindu philosophical system known as Advaita Vedantaa primordial ignorance avidya originally caused souls to mistake the empirical world for reality and so become incarnated in it.

And these three Absolutes, experiential in possibility, are actually existential and more, being limitless, timeless, spaceless, boundless, and measureless — truly infinite. This paper is a study of a pragmatic argument for belief in the existence of God constructed and criticized by Richard Gale.

In an unqualified hypothesis of the second level of the Trinity of Trinities, there is embraced the correlation of every phase of every kind of reality that is, or was, or could be in the entirety of infinity.

Finding the truth of existence

The skeptic, according to James has decided that it is better and wiser to dismiss the belief in these two affirmations for fear of being duped than it is to believe and hope that they are true. This level is pre-existential and postexperiential.

Even those among us who are so- in my opinion. But we still do not perceive the relationship to the creative and evolutional aspects of the function of total Deity. Each individual consists of a number of physical and psychic elements khandha s; Sanskrit skandhas that combine to create the sense of personal individuality.

The enlightenment attained by the Buddha was essentially about the cause of existence in the phenomenal world, from which suffering inevitably stemmed. There is no true "evil" under subjective morality because your concept of evil would be different than Hitler's concept of evil.

Paul the Apostledeliverance was sought primarily from the planetary powers that were believed to control human destiny in the sublunar world. This is a philosophical, and a logical absurdity. If not, what is the necessity for such a body in the first place? I demand strong evidence rather than believing in ancient myths and legends.

Transcendental Tertiary Reality Association So, how do you account for them? And it is inconceivable that quantitative infinity could ever be completely realized in finality. James does take into account that there are times when we can postpone making a decision until more sufficient evidence is provided.

During the pralaya, that upward and downward motion ceases, inherent unconscious life alone remaining — all creative forces paralysed, and everything resting in the night of mind.

The existence of life itself. Hawkings doesn't believe in a heaven or an afterlife and says that the miracles of religion "aren't compatible" with science. The quest for God is endless!

Could anything ever prove or disprove the existence of a Deity 100%?

Secondary Supreme Finite Integration The teachings of Theosophy could be described as monistic, nontheistic, and pantheistic, all at the same time. If so, then It cannot think, choose, plan, desire, be happy, be angry, see anything, say anything, or even do anything in any way, let alone hear and answer prayer.

So what can we deduce? While these arguments might try to infer God with very different arguments that are built upon very different assumptions and methodologies, these arguments do have one thing in common, i. This ritual imitated the acts that were believed to have been performed by the gods to preserve the body of Osiris, with whom the deceased was ritually assimilated.

While the Ultimate and the Supreme are comparable, they are not identical, neither is the Ultimate merely an amplification of the Supreme.

Paper 106 - Universe Levels of Reality

This time-consciousness is possessed by no other species with such insistent clarity. The human concept of the gradual experiential actualization of the Trinity of Trinities — the time viewpoint — must be supplemented by the additional postulate that this is already a factualization — the eternity viewpoint.

And this Trinity has theoretical capacity to activate the Absolutes of potentiality — Deity, Universal, and Unqualified. Here is a quick test to see if someone is a moral relativist, if they deny objective morality take their wallet and see their reaction. But there is nonetheless an actual and present unification of infinity in this very age as in all past and future universe ages; such unification is existential in the Paradise Trinity.The recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in schools is done on a daily basis in the United States.

However, it is not a compulsion and those who do not wish to recite it, need not do so. Controversy of Pledge of Allegiance. Today, It refers to the existence of a deity, who is omnipotent and omniscient.

God is truth and is the basis of personal life. Hence its impact on personal life is in totality. Every aspect of personal life deals with God.

Our thoughts and feelings are all impacted by God. The urge to practice truth, love, justice and virtue is due to God only.

Does morality necessitate existence of a deity?

The best argument for the existence of God will be a “big-picture” kind of argument. God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists The Bible teaches that atheists are not really atheists. The Bible teaches that atheists are not really atheists.


That is, those who profess to be atheists do ultimately believe in. God does exist, in my humble opinion. There are a lot of examples that God exist, such as the Bible. A book written over a period of thousands of years, with a. Sep 25,  · Sam Harris -- author I don't believe in the existence of spirits any more than believe in the existence of any deity.

One's personal moral choices are merely one's own opinion, no more or.

Jefferson's Religious Beliefs

God does exist, in my humble opinion. There are a lot of examples that God exist, such as the Bible. A book written over a period of thousands of years, with a constant and continual message that does not change.

A personal opinion on the existence of a deity
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