Brief history of george strother gaines essay

Gaines assumed responsibility for its operation, and the Choctaws continued to receive their annuity goods at the old trading house. After the group presentations, the teacher will ask the students to respond to the questions listed below. The students can work independently or with a partner to answer the questions during class.

He purchased cattle and pigs, which were left alive with the farmers along the route for butchering after the massive party arrived.

Edward Hallett Carr

Also included are endnotes that document and elucidate figures and events that receive passing reference in the letters, a genealogical chart of the Francis family, and photographs of each family member.

Federal officials did not view the tribes very favorably and many federal Indian agents would not rest until the relocation of the tribes was completed.

After the signing, Gaines accepted an appointment as exploring agent for the Choctaws and an official treaty commissioner. Edmund led in the capture of Aaron Burr. The new route followed established Indian trails, a few miles of which overlapped the Gaines Trace.

Soon after the Civil War, railroad companies began to lay tracks all over the United States, and Gaines recognized immediately the huge economic advantage railroads would provide, especially if a rail line could link the deep South with the Tennessee and Ohio valleys.

As poorly as the removal went, he was proud that he was able to help keep it from being even worse. Gaines raised and sold a wide range of plants and trees, including bedding plants, flowering shrubs, fruit trees especially apple and peach treesand grapes.

The two sections of the Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines form one of the most important primary sources on the early history of Alabama and Mississippi. In a public service and business career that spanned nearly 70 years, Gaines was a federal trade agent to the region's Indian tribes, a state senator, an explorer, and a supervisor of the forced removal of Choctaw Indians.

Stephens, the Mississippi Gulf Coast was still in the hands of the Spanish. All appeared to be well pleased with our trade. Additional Resources Leftwich, George J.

While he was at St. His older brother Edmund Pendleton Gaines rose to the rank of major general in the U. His older brother Edmund Pendleton Gaines rose to the rank of major general in the U. There are no historical markers on the highway, and few history books mention him in any detail.

Inthe Spanish-controlled port of Mobile was closed to the shipment of munitions into the Mississippi Territory. He sold his property in Demopolis in January and began farming and raising cattle on land inherited by his wife in Perry County, Mississippi, in Gaines dictated his Reminiscences in at the age of eighty-seven.

Closing the Lesson Each group should present their broadcast to the class. What questions do you still have about the topics you have studied in this lesson?

Army constructed two roads that converged on Fort Stoddert, located down river from St. Stephens on the Tombigbee River by horseback. But George Strother Gaines was also the "right man in the right place.

My instructions from the Superintendent of Indian Trade made it my duty to be careful not to sell the Indians a damaged article of goods without pointing out the damage and reducing the price to what I considered its actual value; when blankets, shawls, or cotton and linen goods appeared to me to be lighter or more flimsy and less durable than they purported to be, to point out the defect and reduce the price also.

Soon after being promoted to head factor, George met and married Ann Gaines in A few Choctaws stayed in Mississippi in fact, some stayed on with the Gaines family at Peachwoodbut the majority went west over a period of several years.

Gaines continued to share his interests with others by dictating his reminiscences of his roles in the early settlement of the two states. When he built his over-sized log cabin, Peachwood, at State Line, Mississippi, he filled it with fine furnishings and brought a sense of high culture to that part of the Piney Woods.

Gainesville, Gainestown, and the antebellum mansion Gaineswood, in Demopolis, were also named in honor of these well-known brothers. Atlas of Mississippi, edited by Ralph D. The couple had nine children. What type of activity is taking place in the photographs?

Stephens, the temporary capital of the new Alabama Territory.

George Strother Gaines

Sometimes people achieve great influence during their lifetimes, but history reduces them at best to a minimal footnote. Before Gaines could begin his second banking career, however, Alabama governor John Gayle appointed him as the state's agent to sell bonds to raise capital for the new branch banks.

Certainly it is one of the oldest structures still standing in the area. Gaines dictated his Reminiscences in at the age of eighty-seven. After the Civil War, Gaines was able to realize this vision.Our histories, both private and collective, are often touched in significant ways by unsung heroes.

In studying the life of George Strother Gaines (), students will be exposed to a not-so-well-known resident of the Mississippi Territory whose life was spent primarily in service to others. Brief History of George Strother Gaines - No matter how far Gaines got away from Demopolis or St.

Stephens, he would always be called upon to serve in dealings with the Choctaw Indians.

A Choctaw Chief and a Spanish Governor: Franchimastabé and Manuel Gayoso de Lemos

William Ward, the federal agent with the Choctaw Indian tribe contacted Gaines about another treaty conference that would be held in Macon, Mississippi. May 30,  · Brief History of George Strother Gaines No matter how far Gaines got extraneous from Demopolis or St.

Stephens, he would forever and a day be called upon to serve in dealings with the Choctaw Indians. The Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines Gaines, George Strother, Pate, James P. Published by The University of Alabama Press Gaines, Strother & Pate, P.

The Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines: Pioneer and Stateman of Early Alabama and Mississippi, Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press, Tennessee hill country. Little is known about George Strother Gaines' early life or education, but he had acquired some business acumen while working for the merchant brothers John and Robert Allen at Gallatin, Tennessee.

Although Gaines reports in his "Reminiscences" that "Mr. George Strother Gaines did not particularly want this job but felt it as his duty to the Choctaw tribe.

George Strother Gaines

Gaines started a Choctaw exploring party to travel the United States in search of new lands. Gaines and fellow leaders explored the Mexican territory along present day Texas and into the state of Arkansas.

Brief history of george strother gaines essay
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