Elyne mitchell writing award won

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please ensure you fill out this form and you will be contact should we require your assistance or further details. Entry details as listed must be supplied in the body of the email in which the entry is submitted. She was a calm and thoughtful presence, especially around animals.

2017 Competition

When she was 20 she met Tom Mitchell, whose family had been among the first settlers along the Upper Murray and whose father had introduced Banjo Paterson to the legend that became The Man from Snowy River. No responsibility will be taken for entries and entries will not be returned.

All entries must have a specific reference to an Australasian rural experience. And there is a big welcome mat out. Through the late s, she and Tom also explored the mountains in their own backyard, walking or riding to the snowline with skis on their shoulders and packs on their backs, sliding sealskins onto the skis for uphill traction, camping in cattlemen's huts, launching themselves exultantly down fields of snow and through eucalypt-lined valleys.

She was driven almost daily, however, to Towong Hill, where she would sit, talk to John, enjoy the company of Millie, her beloved border collie, and look at the mountains.


After Tom's return she was soon busy raising a family. Many of our current staff began with us through our volunteer program. She believed life was about "achievement and service and doing something for your country".

It was first launched in and various models were manufactured. We really value our volunteers and are committed to ensuring the experience is positive and useful and we strive to provide pathways for them.

She did many significant exploratory ski journeys in the Snowies in the ss and was the first woman to ski parts of the steep western faces. A shortlist of entries will be decided by the Award organisers based on judging results. Since the book first appeared, the presence of brumbies feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park has become a major land management issue.

There were no roads. This film was also released under the title The Silver Stallion: Her deep love of the mountains, the Upper Murray, station life and nature are central themes in much of her work. The book started off as a short story but soon Indi was 'waiting at the typewriter for the next instalment'.

Although the horses and other animals in her books speak to each other, they are not anthropomorphic and particularly in the first two Silver Brumby books, otherwise behave naturally.

In all these facets of a rich and varied life, as in her writing, she was an inspiration to many. According to an interview with Tom Wright, the "Silver Brumby" series arose from Mrs Mitchell's difficulties in finding suitable reading material for her daughter Indi, then 10 and being raised in some isolation on the Mitchell family property Towong Hill, a remote cattle station in the Snowy Mountains.

Collection highlights Elyne Mitchell's typewriter Elyne Mitchell's typewriter, with copies of 'Speak to the Earth' first edition and 'The Silver Brumby' latest edition. Her pony, Thowra — named for the silver brumby — led the way to the cemetery. These 13 books — published in more than 40 countries and many languages — take Australia to children around the world.

The Elyne Mitchell Writing Awards 2018

It was used by Mitchell at various times during her long life. Matthew Higgins Woman of the high country Mitchell's work focused on the Snowy Mountains, including the Main Range, the Cascades and other areas which she popularised in the Silver Brumby series.The Elyne Mitchell Writing Award is an Australasian writing competition for stories set in a rural landscape.

Inspired by Elyne Mitchell’s work, the Writing Award seeks to encourage writers to share their stories and to keep the art of storytelling alive. The Elyne Mitchell Writing Award commemorates the celebrated author of the Silver Brumby's life and work, and has been established to encourage all writers.

ELYNE MITCHELL WRITING AWARD ; ELYNE MITCHELL WRITING AWARD Closing Date: 23 August Entry Fee: Yes Note that this is both the 10th anniverary for our awards and the 60th anniversary for the first publication of Elyne Mitchells’ – The Silver Brumby.

Book of the month. Living in Hope. Buy Now. Events. Wild Words. Poetry. The Silver Brumby, one of the success stories of Australian literature, never won a book award because, Elyne Mitchell Writing Award; Properties. Towong Hill (Vic) Obituaries Australia.

An initiative of the National Centre of Biography at the Australian National University. The Elyne Mitchell Writing Awards for will be open from 01 January to 23 August This is our 10th year and the entries grow in number each year.

We have included all Australian writers and for the past 2 years we also have included all New Zealand. Mar 04,  · Elyne Mitchell was a keen skier and horsewoman - in she won the Canadian downhill skiing championship, and according to Tom Wright, in she became the first woman to descend on skis the entire western face of the Snowy Mountains.

Elyne mitchell writing award won
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