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While searching for the glasses at the farmhouse, Michele discovers a hole in the ground covered with a sheet of metal. Overheard snippets of conversation between his parents fall into this category; outdoors, a shot of machines threshing vast fields of wheat, a suddenly alien, intrusive and frightening image, may be the most outstanding example.

He opens it and sees part of a bare human leg; horrified, due to the limited time he had to investigate the situation, he decides to keep this a secret from the others. There are many views of fields and hills of wheat, this endless land being the backyard for the children of Acqua Traverse and the setting to their childhood adventures.

You know, perhaps that just about sums it up nicely! It became such a problem that the Italian government decided to automatically freeze the assets of any families whose children had been kidnapped and contacted by people wanting a ransom to discourage this phenomenon.

The story is also about the journey and loss of innocence of a young boy. The boy walks over to him and Michele sees him at his full size, as going crazy the boy cries out "I'm Dead"! I saw it there just once. Although many kidnappings were politically motivated, children of wealthy northern families were targeted as well.

When he learns that Filippo is about to be shot to death by whoever among the kidnappers draws a short matchstick, he races by bicycle at night to rescue his secret friend, taking his place, in effect, because he cannot climb out of the space that he helped lift Filippo out of.

Anyway, I have now seen the film a total of four times. Not to raise hopes, the filmmakers explained to the parents of the child actors that this was not a ticket to Hollywood.

While playing out in the field, he discovers Filippo in the hole and brings the prisoner water and food and friendship.

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The shy boy, Filippo, believes he is dead; he also believes that his parents are dead, for if they are not, why is it that they do not rescue him? The villagers have kidnapped the ten-year-old son of a wealthy family up north.

As his punishment Michele walks the length of a beam, high up in a rickety old barn-like building at the deserted farmhouse, and after that the group is seen going home. As he returns home he is scolded for being late. But the child in danger always was Michele.

As Michele and his sister set off, she asks him where her glasses are, and he goes back to fetch them. Michele promises to obey his father. He gives the imprisoned child water, food, friendship. But, given that Ammaniti had a hand in the script, I feel somewhat let down. It is by dint of the more fluid nature of language that this is a hundred times clearer in the book.

Terrified, Michele hurries home once more, but then his bicycle chain breaks and he is thrown off his bike. At the time, it was alarmingly common to kidnap people from the North and transport them to the South, where they would be hidden and sometimes killed unless the ransom was paid.

As he returns home he is scolded for being late. Decent villagers, with the help of a northerner now living in Brazil, have concocted a scheme to redress the socioeconomic imbalance. The film used a strong primary color scheme to portray the way children see the world, focusing on specific objects of interest with a close-up.

Release[ edit ] Two days after Io non ho paura appeared at the Berlin Film Festival in Februarythirty-two countries had purchased the film.

I believe that this is an example of excessive zeal as it deprives youngsters of the chance to see a childhood story of epic stature.

The next morning, he discovers his parents are hosting late-night meetings with the parents of his playmates and one domineering visitor "from the North" who now sleeps in his room.

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Cristiano certainly does a better job than the adult members of the cast. He discovers that his father is among the kidnappers. Michele promises to obey his father.

I’M Not Scared

When he learns that Filippo is about to be shot to death by whoever among the kidnappers draws a short matchstick, he races by bicycle at night to rescue his secret friend, taking his place, in effect, because he cannot climb out of the space that he helped lift Filippo out of.

His father drew the short matchstick. They are keeping this boy, his leg chained, hidden in a hole in the ground in the outskirts of town.

According to Salvatores, the film is not primarily about kidnapping of the time but the mystery revolving around a kidnapping. Plot[ edit ] The action of the film takes place inin a fictional town called Acqua Traverse in Southern Italyduring the hottest summer of the century and the infamous Years of Lead.Mar 14,  · Salvatore Fabio Antonacci Remo See full cast» Edit Storyline.

While playing outside one day, nine-year-old Michele discovers Filippo, who is chained to the ground at the bottom of a hole. Admiration for Gabriele Salvatores' "I'm Not Scared" abounds here, and it comes from several angles, but there is one important point that /10(K). The novel, I’m Not Scared, by Niccolo Ammaniti takes you on a memorable journey with Michele Amitrano, a nine year old boy, who learns valuable lessons on how trust and loyalty gives you more than greed and money-oriented acts.

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Is Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle, iTunes, etc. streaming I'm Not Scared? Find where to watch movies online now! I’m Not Scared “I’m Not Scared” by Niccolo Ammaniti is a dramatic thriller in which the author portrays the contrasting themes of loyalty and betrayal with the use of symbolism and characterisation.

“I’m Not Scared” is a dramatic tale set in a small Italian hamlet written in first person narrative.

Salvatore. Feb 27,  · I’m Not Scared (Io non ho paura) is the first novel by Niccolò Ammaniti to be translated (by Jonathan Hunt) into English, and it’s one of my favorite books of the past few agronumericus.comti is young (he was born in ; the novel was published in ), but he is already regarded at home, in Italy, as one of the reigning literary lights.

Mar 14,  · Salvatore Fabio Antonacci Remo See full cast» and including pleasant elements as when the little boy runs on the cereal countryside."I'm Not Scared" is one of Tornatore's undisputed masterpieces and fundamental in his filmography where shows efficiently an interesting story and shot at the height of his creativity, with some /10(K).

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