Short story editing services

We make no claim on your copyright, and we do not require credit or acknowledgment beyond the fees for the services rendered. My education also informs my work as a non-fiction editor. Others also copy edit, or specialize in copy editing alone.

Only your book manuscript editor and a managing editor have access to your book manuscript. For more information on our expert team including biographies and an outline of which genres each reader reads within, please see Readers. How long does it take for your editing services? Is your language overly plain and dull?

We have built up an extensive, highly-skilled and unsurpassed team of over 80 professional readers who are editors and writers with an in-depth knowledge of the UK publishing industry and expertise across a wide range of genres.

What about my style? No banking information or credit card data is ever collected or stored by us. As an editor for The Wild Rose Press, she edited contemporary western and light paranormal romances, with heat ratings from sweet to spicy.

Have you missed any essential elements or underdeveloped any topics or scenes? I know that with all of your suggestions, I can make this piece so much stronger. My greatest strengths lie in manuscript evaluation and developmental editing, especially for works in which science, characterization, mystery, and unusual cultures play an important part.

These are the people who will help bring a novel to the next level. Outside of romance, her fiction fortes include sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction, young adult, and stories of psychic or supernatural phenomena. Empathic about the "feel" of a story, Kelly provides suggestions so that authors may revise with their own style in mind, preserving the individual voice, while alerting authors to current trends in publishable styles.

Query letters, synopses and professional quality formatting are as important as a well-polished manuscript. For tips on taking your fiction to the next level, as well as useful links, see my Resources page.

You have to make every word count, and you may never be able to flesh out everything. Do you use formats other than Microsoft? But the truth is you cannot respond to a round of thorough developmental editing in a week.

Your manuscript file is completely secure as well. Ultimately, everything required for readers to enjoy the full impact of the short story must be in its proper place. Does your prose meander along, trying to find its way?

Critique & Editing Services

In her free time, Meg learns and performs classical piano. Some editors work only on the structural and line level.

Short Story Editing Services

How Much Does it Cost? We are confident that our book manuscript proofreading services are among the best in the industry.The best short story writers and editors understand the art of brevity, and know precisely where a story begins and ends.

A skilled short story editor will cut unnecessary material and bridge gaps, helping you refine your work so that no words are wasted. Our editing service is for manuscripts containing multiple short stories. For individual short stories, please visit our Critiques Page.

TSS offers three forms of editing. If you are interested in having your manuscript edited by TSS, please contact Miles - [email protected] From developmental editing — with advice on story and structure — to copy editing and proofreading, working with a range of book editors is absolutely crucial when writing a book.

But where can you find the professionals with the right experience in your genre to take your story to the next level? Are you looking for free editing and proofreading services for your book or short story? If so, you’re in the right place. At TCK Publishing, we are dedicated to helping writers and authors like you get the information, tools, and resources you need to succeed.

Our real, human editors are experts in various Certified · Available 24/7 · Professional Proofreaders · Confidential & privateTypes: Academic Proofreading, Business Proofreading, Resume Proofreading.

The books and freelance editing services of crime and SF author John Rickards, who's also written and worked under the name Sean Cregan.

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Short story editing services
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