The pitfalls of analyzing cultures through the perspectives of etmic and etic

In fact, both emic and etic together comprise methodological tools Nattiez refers to but only in relation to etic. The use of thick, rich and deep descriptions, as well as the use of participants' own words serve not only to reduce a researcher's selectivity by heightening his or her awareness of preconceived categories, it also limits the level of subjectivity that a researcher may introduce into the data analysis process PATTON, ; YIN, Due to the inherent similarity among the models, LIPKIN proposed an integration of the theories into a "mega-model" of sexual identity development which served as part of the theoretical framework for my earlier study OLIVE, A dialogue between Kenneth Pike and Marvin Harris on emics and ethics.

The physical universe itself makes no judgment—these phones are just one group of soundwaves and another group that are not physically identical.

I did not, however, expect for portions of the process to be as personally challenging as they turned out to be. There are a number of techniques which can be used to address the tensions that may arise between emic and etic perspectives.

During my sophomore year in college, I had finally reached a point at which I was ready to reveal my homosexuality to my family and friends also referred to as "coming out".

This is where we get the insider and outsider distinction. One way is looking at things through an emic approach.

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Given the inescapable subjectivity that every researcher brings to a study through his or her past experiences, ideas and perspectives, a solely emic perspective is impossible to achieve.

Some analogies to show what I mean: Again, the particular research technique that is used in the acquisition of anthropological knowledge has no bearing on the nature of that knowledge.

However, if I did include this component of their stories, I questioned how much of the information should be divulged. I agree with Slrubenstein that you should read Harris and the others yourself to get a better explanation.

What can we do to deal with these differences? During my interviews with the three young women in my study, unprompted, two revealed that they had "personal experience" with the topic of date rape and one plainly stated that she had been date raped during her freshmen year of college.

As a qualitative researcher and evaluator, we embrace that the data we collect is filtered through ourselves, and we find ways to mitigate our own biases and interpretations in trying to understand the emic.

Definitions[ edit ] "The emic approach investigates how local people think" Kottak, Thus, his definition of etic does not serve to distinguish etic from emic. Sexual and social problems of lesbians.

Emic and etic

Their history in sociology and anthropology. Learn more about Dr.

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We need both an etic and an emic perspective. In this way, the very differences themselves can prove fruitful as YIN has explained that "a common theme underlying many qualitative studies is to demonstrate how participants' perspectives may diverge dramatically from those held by outsiders" p.

You can imagine the trouble of assuming equivalence if you are trying to compare say grocery shopping behavior across cultures. What is "Cultural psychology? These two perspectives, while related, are totally opposite from one another.

Shortly after I "came-out" to my friends and family, I experienced a tremendous amount of pride in the fact that I was not heterosexual. Lindlof goes on to say solving the problem of varying emic accounts: A textbook is a reliable source but it would be better if you had real books or articles you could cite as well.

Taking an "emic" perspective. A guide to design and implementation 3rd ed.In the social sciences, it is through the research of an investigator, using particular methodological tools. Thus, his definition of etic does not serve to distinguish etic from emic. if not all, cultures.

Emic and Etic concepts are an example of the develpment of concepts for cultural and cross-cultural psychology during the post Etic and Emic are two viewpoints in multicultural counseling.

While some counselors believe every client should be treated the same, other counselors believe that clients coming from different cultures should be treated based on their culture. Here we will see how etic.

3. Etic and Emic Perspectives Origins Given the subjective nature of qualitative inquiry, emic and etic perspectives play a significant role in life history research.

In it, the terms 'emic' and 'etic' signify two different approaches to studying human culture. The emic approach to studying human culture focuses on the members of the culture being studied. etic and emic, that these terms have reached far into other disciplines and have become much more then Pike could have ever anticipated: “various uses of the terms may be fond in journals of psychology, psychiatry, sociology, folklore, semiotics, philology, medicine.

Shamanistic healing is a special practice mainly of the people in Asia. The commentary presented by Yer Moua Xiong is written from a first person perspective to aid in the process of immersing oneself in the culture, and understanding truly what shamanism is all about.

The pitfalls of analyzing cultures through the perspectives of etmic and etic
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