Why does odysseus have too much pride

Dolon stopped and fell to his knees. In thanks for the wine, Polyphemos offered to eat him last. The Odyssey is not a lesson plan for growth; the episodes are not didactic examples of the importance of prudence or anything else. A Wooden Horse was designed by a man named Epeios and filled with the best Achaean fighters Enraged and humiliated, Ajax was driven mad by Athena.

The disembodied spirit of Teiresias told Odysseus that he would indeed see his home and best of all, there would be an end to Poseidon's bitterness.

Seeing the kindness in her eyes, Odysseus told Nausikaa of his journeys and the troubles he had endured on his quest for his home.

Essay: Odysseus’s Dangerous Ego and Pride

He easily strung his bow and turned it on the suitors. When Diomedes returned from stealing the Palladium and met up again with the infuriated Odysseus, the latter thought to kill him and take credit for himself.

While it would have been better to keep his identity unknown, Odysseus proudly yells out his name to further torment the Cyclops. At that place, he must fix the oar in the ground and make a sacrifice to appease Poseidon. Athene assumed the guise of King Alkinoos's herald and went through the city encouraging everyone to attend.

To give a full account of Odysseus's adventures on his ten-year voyage from Troy to Ithaka would require a complete retelling of the Odyssey so I will only give a few highlights of his trials and tribulations.

The Odyssey

Dymas reminded Nausikaa that she was of marrying age, and yet her beautiful garments were unwashed. Odysseus had to begin his journey from Aeolia to Ithaca over again. When Agamemnon and Achilles argued and could not come to terms, Agamemnon sent Odysseus as his spokesman to try and reason with Achilles.

Hermes told Odysseus that it would be possible to entrap Kirke and free his companions if he obeyed the god's orders. He refuses to acknowledge the gods as having any direct connection with his human affairs, even though Poseidon sent a sea monster to destroy the Trojan who did not believe the Trojan Horse was a gift.

Once the gates of the city were opened, the entire Achaean army entered the city where they killed or enslaved every Trojan citizen. He sent two of his company with an attendant to investigate the inhabitants.

The gods save him. Lastly, Diomedes killed the Thrakian commander Rhesos and the two heroes fled back to the Greek encampment with the beautiful white horses and the gear they had stripped from Dolon. In other ways, however, he seems slow to learn. Odysseus was by no means a simple or one-dimensional man After his recital, the Phaeacians offer him passage home, with all the hoardings he obtained along the way and the gifts the Phaecians themselves bestowed upon him showing xenia, the idea of hospitality.

We get glimpses of Odysseus in the Iliad and his role in the defeat of Troy but his true nature comes to light in the Odyssey as he tries desperately to make his way home while being tormented by the lord of the sea, Poseidon. He is a strong, self-willed man. He has one struggle after another struggle while trying to reach Ithaca.

He does not appreciate all that his men have been through while trying to get home. Odysseus stayed with Kalypso for seven years but they were long, sad years for Odysseus. He takes a chance and could have caused his crew great harm.

Penelope, still not certain that the beggar was indeed her husband, tested him. He wants to return home and live well in Ithaca; as a result, every step along the way is another test, sometimes, another battle.

The Odyssey

He chose the largest ram in the flock for himself and hid beneath it in a similar manner. Although he is self-disciplined refusing to eat the lotushis curiosity is sometimes the root of his trouble as with the Cyclops.

He sought the shade of the dead prophet Teiresias but other shades came to the sacrificial blood The true purpose for Odysseus going to the Underworld was to consult the dead oracle, Teiresias the Theban.

Aeolus Continuing his journey, Odysseus stopped at Aeolia, the home of Aeolusthe mortal favoured by the gods enough to be given the power of controlling the winds. He prays to his father Poseidon for help.

First, when Odysseus makes the maids at his house clean the blood and then kill them, that shows his ruthless trait.What gets Odysseus into trouble is when his justifiable pride shades into hubris, or arrogance. At worst, this can cloud Odysseus' better judgment —as when his not-so-tactful taunting of the Cyclops sets off the whole feud between him and Poseidon.

In the plays "Antigone" and "The Odyssey", Antigone's and Odysseus' pride causes them unnecessary problems that could have been easily avoided if they had just kept their pride in check. In "The Odyssey", Odysseus is the hero with excessive pride.

Throughout this play Oedipus shows too much pride and arrogance toward everyone that he comes. A summary of Books 7–8 in Homer's The Odyssey.

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The first time Odysseus showed his arrogance is when he won the battle at Troy. He yells out to the gods that he doesn't need them. Also, he does not give a. King Odysseus. Odysseus was the only child of King Laertes and Queen Antikleia of the island of Ithaka a relatively small island 20 miles [ kilometers] off the western coast of the Greek mainland.

Odysseus had pride after the Greek soldiers won the Trojan war. He declared that he was the one who won the ultimate battle. He also thought that he alone had the idea of the wooden horse and that the Gods didn't help when Poseidon sent a sea monster to destroy the Trojan who didn't think it was a gift.

Why does odysseus have too much pride
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