Ww1 trench diary

The night passed noisily and with a few more casualties. One fellow was walking across the open — 2, yards off — when I spotted him and let go. Others wrote about their experiences in book-form. The night is pitch black making it impossible to see anything.

I have been starving for days. The duckboard track was constantly shelled, and in places a hundred yards of it had been blown to smithereens.

Trenches diary of First World War soldier is brought to life in TWEETS

It seems that there is not enough food, so we have to ration things out. He brought the little bible which [another soldier] had taken from the body of the dead German.

Saturday, 27th of March Wake up call at Noon followed by Sauerkraut Ww1 trench diary lunch. The night passed noisily and with a few more casualties.

To order To Fight Alongside Friends: The men are wet through but stick the job like Britons and I hope for their sake that Ww1 trench diary weather lifts with the morning. They are extremely well built, wide and deep with strong parapets, embrasures and loopholed steel plates behind which a rifleman can find cover.

When that period was over I lay down to catch some sleep. I had imagined there would be lively exchanges of fire here in the foremost positions, but that is not the case.

I would however do anything I could to get this war over with as fast as possible, just to see my mother, and father, my wife and kids again; I would do anything for that.

It is quite an honest diary and it is matter of fact. Nobody worried if one had its head stuck through or torn off, or a third had gory bones sticking out through its torn coat.

Attached to the 49th Siege Battery. But in a miraculous way he missed. Expecting an enemy patrol they opened fire and killed one pioneer instantly.

My parcel finally arrived on the second day of Easter and the following days were brightened by all the wonderful gifts we had received from home which included oranges, cigars and cigarettes.

When he landed in France in Novemberhe could not help documenting all he saw, even though writing diaries was strictly forbidden. The History Learning Site, 31 Mar The Hun puts a barrage on us every now and then and generally claims one or two victims.WW1 Trench Diary Essay.

Dear Diary, November 16th As I lie here in my dug out writing to you, under my lice infested, rat chewed blanket, I suddenly realise just how cold it is in these trenches - WW1 Trench Diary Essay introduction.

Charlie May's War: Secret diary of a WWI officer who longed for home

These dark walls seem to be closing in on me, suffocating me. Nov 08,  · Capt Alexander Stewart's diary spans his two years on the WWI to shoot a German who had gained entry to the trench.

Capt Stewart started the war diary in. Memoirs & Diaries - Trenches At Vimy Ridge As the War had to be, I shall always be glad I was able to play even a negligible part in it, or I should never have known with such certainty the madness of it. With the advent of the world wide web, an opportunity arose for the descendants of many survivors to publish fragments of diary entries for the education and interest of others.

I assumed that it was the first ever parcel seen in the trenches,as the crowd of soldiers gather around me – like eager eagles. I placed my handon top of the parcel –.

"Life in the Trenches" Diary Entries November It's cold, damp and I'm tired. Some of the trench was blown apart today, we had to build it back up. We didn't have many trenches it was more of a spread out, open battle.

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Ww1 trench diary
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